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Daksinai is one of the most populated settled worlds under the control of Mannon's Prime Four. Originally held by Vaasith, it was fragmented into separate national holdings until finally handed over to Damamat as part of war reparations. Now divided into five autonomous districts which have the distinct feel of becoming nations of their own, Zausa -- one of the larger districts -- is home to Jutkara, the second largest city on the planet.


Originally claimed and settled by Vaasith about 300 years ago, Daksinai was a primary outpost for further exploration into the Local Cluster. At this time Vaasith was far more powerful politicall, militarily, and economically than it is today. Daksinai was a major staging point for early Great War aggressions, but a fatal overextension on a distant front put Vaasith on the back foo, and the nation had to cede the planet wholesale in one of the war reparations of the First Armistice.

Damamat, in an effort to dilute the local Vaasith population and its political voice, invited settlers from all over Mannon to build a new life on Daksinai. To this day, Daksinai has one of the highest population percentages of Tanatha, especially contracted laborers, in the settled universe.