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Jutkara is the de facto capital of Zausa, one of the five autonomous regions of Daksinai in the Rahik system. It is one of the oldest Mannon extra-planetary settlements. Initially very cosmopolitan in nature, over the course of its 300 year history residency became more restrictive until the advent of the Great War, when Vaasith, the initial coloniser, locked down all immigration and emigration. Eventually the whole of Daksinai was turned over to Damamat control. In an effort to dilute Vaasith influence and control, Damamat opened Zausa to international settlement, and the area is now one of the most cosmopolitan in the Local Cluster.

Old districts and neighborhoods have changed composition and boundaries many times over Jutkara's 300 year history, but Vaasith strongholds have remained relatively unchanged. For the most part, Daksinai-born Vaasith are at peace with Damamat rule (though the newest manifestation of the Great War may test this), but Mannon-native Vaasith are deeply resentful.

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