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A top-down listing of locations in HIW.

Rua system (home system)

  • Mannon - originating planet for colonisation; consists of different nations and political blocs
    • Chibal - a greater power on Mannon, arose as a parallel culture or power to the other primary four (Damamat, Halgon, Pertaman, Vaasith); has closer cultural ties to Tanatha
    • Damamat - a greater power on Mannon; responsible for significant settlement and resource extraction (see Vikrannu)
    • Halgon - a greater power on Mannon; has always been a smaller player in terms of colonisation, but has one of the most stable home governments of any greater power
    • Pertaman - a greater power on Mannon that has recently come up well in the wars. Mainly responsible for attacks on Vaasith holdings, especially in Sokkor. Working to establish a secondary industrial base away from Rua to either conquer its own region, or become superpower and force other nations to do its bidding/become client states (see Mexica tribute system for neighboring city-states)
    • Tanatha - a "secondary" power, sits on a smaller continent west of primary continent. Provides labor for hire for many of the great powers
    • Vaasith - a greater power on Mannon, but recently in decline due to bad luck and poor strategic decisions at home in the wars. The controlling government for a portion of Radi (Neyu's original home)

Local Cluster

Rahik system

  • Daksinai - dominant planet of the system
    • Zausa - one of five semi-autonomous districts of Daksinai

Sokkor system

  • Gantu - The dominant planet of the system; the most industrialised, and a transit hub for the region.
    • Umamet - a principal starport on Gantu
  • Radi - Lightly populated, mostly agricultural.
    • Hemun - the region of Radi controlled by Vaasith.
      • Bathu - an administrative township of significant size, and outlying municipality feeding tino Hemuntaari.
      • Hemuntaari - the capital of Hemun, and home to the regional spaceport
      • Keluel - a town in Radi (Neyu's home town)
    • Mantharaksa - the region of Radi controlled by Damamat
    • Sungabi - the region of Radi controlled by Pertaman

Tansgit system

  • Aangra - the most settled planet in the system, maintaining a military and exploratory outpost for Halgon.
    • Rustevod - the largest settlement on Aangra, with an extensive spaceport.
  • Hoyren - almost uninhabitable, but very rich in mineral resources
  • Ostavy - an ordinary gas giant whose satellites are all heavy with resources; Halgon earns money by selling mining rights on them