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A one-stop access point for the things that happen in the narrative. Plot describes the method and mechanics of revealing the story. Maybe a nice timeline can go here? That'd be useful.

Generic notes

  • home planet undergoes significant leaps in technology
  • political struggles stemming from pre-leap circumstances erupt into a series of smaller wars
  • period of tense peace; nations send out colonial ships to claim new worlds
  • colonies established
  • some colonies split from home rule
    • some released peacefully as client or servant states
    • at least one breaks violently, and may be in the process of revolt in the middle of the story
    • some delcare independence and due to distance and resources, are left to do so
  • planetary political tensions, plus exo-planetary claims and tensions, break into all-out war
  • war is more brutal than before; one or two nations use proscribed weapons, causing devastation
  • political reasons for war seen as obsolete, much like political systems that caused it (To-do: read up on WWI)

Pre-story timeline (Neyu)

See Timeline

The war begins as a small conflict among four neighboring countries (Prime Four) on Mannon; as the first conflict settles, ripples from it bring other new participants into the fray. The original dispute is over resources, but later involves various other things including long-disputed borders, religious disagreements, and real and imagined slights. National interests on other planets mirror the conflicts and old, inherited grudges from the home-world and play out as well. The Sokkor system has the benefit of being distant, but the disadvantage of having a lot of good resources, with different portions of different planets under the control of various nations. Skirmishes, privateer raids, and small scale military engagements give way, in time, to larger actions. Why? Because this resource-rich section of space stands to become a major secondary production center to give Pertaman the ability to finally conquer other states.

Chapter breakdowns 1.0

  • Chapter 1 - in which Neyu stows away, is caught, meets captain Vikrannu and the technicians she's rescued, and travels to another system to find safety
  • Chapter 2 - in which Vikrannu and Neyu learn that Pertaman is assaulting the Halgon-owned system of Tansgit and the multi-national mineral extraction operations around Ostavy; Vikrannu and Neyu argue about what to do next, and Vikrannu threatens to throw Neyu off the ship
  • Chapter 3 - in which Neyu confronts the reality of being able to rely on no one but herself; learn a little of Neyu's and Vikrannu's past; a Damamat ship allied with Pertaman, part of a line of ships moving to blockade the primary Tansgit world of Aangra, is captained by an old military colleague of Vikrannu and offers her reinstatement in the Damamat military; Vikrannu agrees; Neyu overhears and is horrified she's in a ship captained by an ally of her enemy
  • Chapter 4 - in which Neyu confronts Vikrannu and her Damamat connections as the captain sets course for an intersystem outpost and travel hub
  • Chapter 5 - in which Vikrannu arranges passage for Neyu to a once-shared system now governed by Damamat
  • Chapter 6 - in which Neyu travels on a crowded freighter, and has to survive on her own
  • Chapter 7 - in which Neyu is stuck on the transport as it's refused docking rights and put into a holding pattern
  • Chapter 8 - in which Neyu finally reaches Daksinai after Jutkara agrees to allow ship to land; meets Suthan, a former Tanathan indentured servant
  • Chapter 9 - in which Neyu looks for a way to fit in Jutkara, the capital of of Zausa, one of the five autonomous districts of Daksinai
  • Chapter 10 - in which Neyu may have tracked down her sister

Chapter breakdowns first revision

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