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  • heartache
  • hard choices
  • hope
  • hardship
  • friendship
  • exploit the safe space (magic circle [Huizinga])

So I'm not supposed to be here right now, right? Still doing the academic riting business and I'm losing it because I never understood reflective practice as something more than a checkbox business, right? Checkbox. I have a whole essay that talks about the problem with the checkboxing, you know? And I'm still doing it.

A story is an atuthor manipulaing people, unless it's not, and it's a writer listening to what people say and do in an imagined space (however big that is) and taking dication about what they do and say. Maybe there's a little extrapolation but you don't walways know why they do what they do.

And here I'm not even in control of the characters.

2nd person Fortugno GATES

  • Trope-based use of expectations to narrow player behavior
  • Rule-based restrictions or constraints on interaction (castes? international relations?)