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This is the culture main page. Ideas broken down below.

Distance from real world cultures

The main question here is how far to push the characters. Were they once human beings? Is this earth's history pushed centuries forward? Or is this a completely different time and place with completely different biologies?

Alien cultures


  • Clear visual break from RW cultures
  • Easier suspension of disbelief when confronted with unexpected behaviors


  • Too easy for audience to disassociate
  • Involves increased work on character design

Alternate universe


  • Still use humans
  • Eerie twists on extant cultural cues


  • Requires a starting premise -- i.e., what if the Romans colonised the Americas? (Premise never has to be openly visible)

Future world

May not be that much different from Alien cultures; if pushed far enough in time, may be just the same. Post- or trans-humans, genetic modifications, evolved bodies. This doesn't appeal as much as it might. Pros:

  • Near-future can be fun to play with.


  • Temptation to recast Firefly.
  • Completely defeats the no-RW-cultural-cues idea.