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A top-down listing of locations in HIW.

Rua system (home system)

  • Mannon - originating planet for colonisation; consists of different nations and political blocs
    • Damamat - a greater power on Mannon; responsible for significant settlement and resource extraction (see Vikrannu)
    • Vaasith - a greater power on Mannon, but recently in decline due to bad luck and poor strategic decisions at home in the wars. The controlling government for a portion of Radi (Neyu's original home)

Sokkor system

  • Gantu - The dominant planet of the system; the most industrialised, and a transit hub for the region.
  • Radi - Lightly populated, mostly agricultural.
    • Hemun - the region of Radi controlled by Vaasith.
      • Keluel - a town in Radi (Neyu's home town)