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Welcome to the wiki workspace for Home Is Where I Want To Be. This is a primary component in doctoral level research into emergent narrative processes in story-heavy tabletop role playing games. As work progresses, various pages will develop with growing information about the setting for a custom-built game that will use the FATE Core System.
This main page will serve as both an outline and a site map to the stuff being developed in other pages.



Note that this section refers to material created originally for a transmedia story set in this same universe. These characters may reappear as NPCs in the setting, or as starting adventures for the setting, or both. This is left here for easy access and for archival purposes.
Characters fall into one of three groups: Refugees, Crew, and Passengers. Refugees are escaping the destruction being wrought on the planet Radi by Pertaman forces. Crew are the people who command and operate the tramp freighter Riti. Passengers are those who've booked passage on the Riti. While the Riti isn't actually a passenger ship, it will take on travellers for a modest fee, much like cargo ships do today in the modern world.


  • Hanur - A member of Hemuntaari port ground crew
  • Tallel - A member of Hemuntaari port ground crew
  • Pukka - Neyu's elder sister, about 15-16
  • Neyu - Originally envisioned as the main character; about 12-14 years old


  • Vikrannu - the captain of the Riti, on which Neyu stows away to escape the war at home
  • Sahakil - Vikrannu's second mate
  • Durtha - Vikrannu's third mate
  • Rangab - crewmember of the Riti