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Neyu is the principal character in the story. At the story's beginning, she's 12-14 years old and stowing away in a cargo ship fleeing from a wave of carpet bombing. She has two older sisters and an older brother. The older brother lives on Radi, along with the rest of her family. One of the elder sisters, however, has gone off-world (possibly enlisted in the war) and is the person Neyu is trying to find.

Family members

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Maternal Aunt - Kaaru, two whom Neyu was briefly fostered during lean times
  • Older brother - Eneswa, who with his wife in a nearby settlement are likely killed during the bombing run
  • Older sister - Pukka, who runs with Neyu as the farm is strafed by gunfire and bombs; it's clear during this even that their parents are killed; Pukka doesn't survive the escape
  • Older sister - Samsithi, who is off-world, possibly serving with the military of Vaasith, Hemun regions' controlling home world government