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Oh, this'll be fun -- what flavor? Let's start a list.

  • Interstellar travel - routine enough to be like air travel in the 1930s.
    • 50-80 years old?
  • Terraforming
    • How far?
    • What does it involve?
  • Personal weaponry?
    • Pistols?
    • Swords?
  • Communications - Using interstellar travel tech, can inter-system messages defeat the speed of light? A medium speed of telegram would be nice -- nothing instantaneous between worlds, but still a good speed
    • Intersystem comms are expensive, so no direct connections to planetary based comms?
    • IS comms and Pcomms use dufferent systems/formats and can't directly patch one into the other?
    • --> To-do: do some quick study on 50s-60s telecom