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Vaasith is an older greater power of Mannon, with stagnating political structures and a tendency to rest on laurels allowing the upstart Pertaman to push and take over Vaasith holdings. Radi, Neyu's home world, is partly a Vaasith holding. Gantu, the main industrial center of the Sokkor system that Radi's a part of, has been providing Vaasith with considerable wealth for over a century. At the start of the story, a sluggish and overextended Vaasith is losing Radi and Gantu to Pertaman, forcing Neyu to flee.


A waning great power, once the most formidable nation on Mannon. A veritable resource powerhouse, lots of agriculture and people to make it work. Technology has hit them hard; now that food can be produced in "3-D printers" using raw organic material restructured into edible and nutritive substances, other nations don't need to rely on them as much anymore. (Food canning comparison?)