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Radi is a secondary world in the Sokkor system. Sitting squarely in the habitable zone, its optimal tilt creates distinct seasons over significant portions of the planet's surface. It's almost as if the planet were arranged with agriculture in mind.


Vaasith has significant holdings across temperate and equatorial regions of Radi; it calls this region Hemun. These holdings were secured when Vaasith was a greater imperial power than it is now. It's retained these holdings through other deals brokered out of other holdings, and out of long-standing trade arrangements.


The capital of Hemun, Hemuntaari is the site for Radi's only high-volume shipping spaceport.


Damamat has some holdings over mostly equatorial regions of Radi, collectively called Mantharaksa. While it's missed out on significant stretches of agricultural land, recent discoveries of petrochemicals have been a big boost to its own significant manufacturing industries. Because it settled Radi after Vaasith did, it relies on Vaasith's spaceport for all of its extraplanetary shipping traffic. There is a small, low-volume port in Mantharaksa, but it mainly handles passenger traffic and government-specific shipping and transit.


Pertaman has a small holding on Radi, a late claim hoping to cash in on petrochemical deposits. So far, very little profitable material has been found, and has caused serious monetary and resource shortfalls in other Pertaman holdings.