Chapter 1

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  • Neyu stows away
  • Neyu caught
  • Vikrannu decides what to do - drop her off with technicians on Gantu
  • Techies talk with Neyu; a couple are happy to take her along, she gets bad vibes
    • Crew talks with Neyu; some know the techies, support her bad vibe
  • Neyu asks techs and crew about her brother, but they don’t seem to know
  • Gantu unavailable for landing
    • 2nd mate has argument with Vikrannu over Neyu -- where to drop her off, how to handle her stowing away which is a violation of local and Damamat law
  • Vikrannu sets course for nearest planetary system
  • Neyu talks to Vikrannu about what lies ahead
    • Neyu doesn’t want to “mooch” but can’t pay for passage and can’t offer any useful ship skills
      • Meets Tanatha crew member who speaks positively of contracted labor
    • Neyu wants to find her brother and/or her sister
    • Vikrannu wants to get Neyu off her ship (not keen on being surrogate parent or babysitter)
      • Outright refuses to take on Neyu as contracted laborer
        • Neyu needs to find family, may escape/run
        • Vikrannu ha no time to train Neyu
        • Vikrannu finds it distasteful
    • Vikrannu hears a couple of the techs are willing to take her along
    • Neyu explains privately that she doesn’t trust them, an neither do some of the crew
    • Vikrannu relents
  • On arriving at Tansgit (Aangra), the nearest system, Vikrannu lies and tells techies who promised to take Neyu that they tracked down her sister and will be going to her next; techs reluctantly relent (and only because of cultural importance of family for Vaasith); Vikrannu intends to seek cargo or passengers; techs depart for surface; 3rd mate decides to take Neyu under his wing for a little while

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