Chapter 10

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  • Next morning, Neyu's task is to get some things from the market one neighborhood over
  • In the market there are newsposts, updates on the war and other things
    • Neyu remembers what the soldier taught her and listens in for clues about her sister
    • She hears news of certain units, hears of one that sounds like it could be hers (maybe she sent correspondence early on)
    • Asks how to contact military personnel
      • Told Damamat would never let messages through to enemy
    • Asks why Damamat and Pertaman are allied
      • Told no one really knows for sure, news so slow in coming out to Local Cluster
  • As Neyu leaves, a fellow Vaasith says he can get her message out, and to contact him at a local teahouse later that evening
    • She agrees and moves on to buy what's on Suthan's list
  • As she shops, she sees a young boy stealing something and getting caught
    • The vendor starts beating the hell out of the kid
      • Neyu has to make a decision -- she can walk away, or step in and stop what's going on
      • THis is where she shifts from being someone who relies heavily on others as a matter of course, a matter of personal identity, and begins to stand more on her own
    • She chooses to step in
  • Boy is stealing for selfish reasons, but she still believes the beating is unwarranted -- she uses some of her own money to pay off what the boy took
    • Boy runs off without a word of thanks
    • Vendor says she's an idiot for being taken advantage of
    • Neyu says she's done the right thing, and it's up to the boy to reciprocate; she will not be adversely affected by what others do

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