Chapter 2

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  • Tansgit controlled by Halgon, but has leased out extraction rights to Ostavy’s various mineral rich moons. Pertaman is assaulting these moons and Ostavy itself; wave of refugees coming into Aangra, Tansgit’s primary planet. Pertaman is facing much stronger resistance here; Vaasith is somewhat overstretched and was already in decline; Halgon is small and has moved a lot of resources to protect this point of wealth.
  • Neyu wants to get down onto planet to look for brother and sister
  • Vikrannu points out that there are no Vaasith forces in this system
  • Neyu focuses on trying to find her brother
    • No sign of brother
    • News comes in from Pertaman sources about conquest of Sokkor system
    • Asks Vikrannu to get in touch with Vaasith embassy or mission — she’s read about things like that, maybe there is one on Aangra
    • Vikrannu knows there’s nothing like that, but there are Vaasith corporations operating around Ostavy — they’re in complete retreat and have no time for this.
    • Argument between Neyu and Vikrannu — Neyu wants to try anyway, Vikrannu refuses and when Neyu gets contentious threatens her with kicking her off the ship

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