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Nisgu (Akkadian [nisḫu] - evacuations, runaways) Zimesh (Akkadian - to deny help) Neu (Akkadian nêʾu - to put to flight, to make flee [military] -- Neyu?)

Has an older sister. Forced to flee her home when straggling separatists bombed her town; her sister, unable to take the noise and stress, set out running, hoping to just get away. Shrapnel took her out, but her body shielded -main character- from the worst damage.


Lives on a large farmstead run by her family on an agrarian subcolonial world (Radi, portions of which are held and governed by homeworld states. It is a "suburb" to a more developed industrial colonial world (Gantu) that operates as a trading clearinghouse for the materials and resources coming from local systems.