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Mannon is a planet 20% - 30% smaller than earth, with over 89% of its surface covered by water. It has one primary continent/archipelago and various outlying archipelagoes. Dominant nations that compete for resources and political power are, for the most part, based on the primary continent or neighboring islands.

Anamun (primary continent)

see also: Prime Four

The largest of the island/continents on Mannon, it's the site of the Prime Four, or the four greater national powers on Anamun. Chibal is considered a fifth power, but is located between Anamun and Abix.

  • Damamat - occupies significant islands and archipelagoes off west coast of Anamun; considered a part of Anamun, and a great power with significant influence
  • Halgon
  • Pertaman
  • Vaasith

Abix (secondary continent)

Abix is approximately 20% smaller than Anamun, though most of it sits in tropical latitudes. It lies west of Anamun, which means Damamat has had influence over intercontinental trade for centuries.

  • Chibal - a culture not immediately or directly related to the Prime Four; regardless, it is a political, economic, and industrial power relatively equal to the Four. Generally aloof, it has kept out of most of the conflicts of the Great War, but as Pertaman seems to rise, Chibal may seek to intervene. On whose behalf is anyone's guess. Chibal claims Tanatha as a protectorate, but provides little of the benefits a government might ordinarily provide. Its original borders cover only the archipelagoes north and east of Abix; Tanatha has traditionally occupied most of the continent proper.
  • Tanatha - Tanatha arose parallel to primary continent culture, and for centuries provided cultural counterpoint; today, the Tanatha are less able, technologically, due to internal and external political and economic machinations. Many Tanatha work itinerantly, earning enough money to send back home. Have a big cultural chip on their shoulders (particularly against Chibal); many feel it was simply a thin twist of fate that put the Prime Four in charge.