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A one-stop access point for the things that happen in the narrative. Plot describes the method and mechanics of revealing the story. Maybe a nice timeline can go here? That'd be useful.

  • home planet undergoes significant leaps in technology
  • political struggles stemming from pre-leap circumstances erupt into a series of smaller wars
  • period of tense peace; nations send out colonial ships to claim new worlds
  • colonies established
  • some colonies split from home rule
    • some released peacefully as client or servant states
    • at least one breaks violently, and may be in the process of revolt in the middle of the story
    • some delcare independence and due to distance and resources, are left to do so
  • planetary political tensions, plus exo-planetary claims and tensions, break into all-out war
  • war is more brutal than before; one or two nations use proscribed weapons, causing devastation
  • political reasons for war seen as obsolete, much like political systems that caused it (To-do: read up on WWI)