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Backend notes

Former member of military or similar order; drummed out. Had personal problems with the direction Damamat military policy was taking, including supporting Pertaman in saber rattling. Higher-ups in the military saw her and several others as political threats; took some out with kangaroo courts, managed to knock her out with a very tenuous injured in combat claim. Decorated, discharged with honors. But people know the real reasonsn she was drummed out. -- Adminwiki (talk) 23:57, 2 April 2013 (UTC)

She may be sympathetic to Neyu, regardless of her reluctance, because she's seen the effects of war when she was serving in the military, and because she, too, may be a kind of refugee from her former life. -- Adminwiki (talk) 06:15, 18 March 2013 (UTC)

Her habits and customs have to be dissimilar on some level to Neyu’s. Certainly there will be a language barrier. Maybe Vaasith colonials don’t learn as much cultural stuff (second, third languages) as ones closer to the home world? Neyu might be perfectly qualified to run a small industrial farm, but has little to know real understanding of cultures outside her own. Possibly a reactionary act by Vaasith in its decline? --Adminwiki (talk) 23:53, 2 April 2013 (UTC)

It's just occurred to me that I might have to change her background. May have too much in common with Mal Reynolds. Easy enough. --Adminwiki (talk) 04:52, 27 May 2013 (UTC)


Damamat culture is very spur of the moment, take things as they come and adjust accordingly. Mentally flexible. Reflects mobile, sea-going lifestyle and possibly indicates a kind of social structure based on rapidly changing tight groups of friends, family, associates. Neyu comes from a more steadfast kind of culture, long-view planning, patience. Things always done with assistance, both familial and governmental (government seen as "over-family?"). This kind of reacting-in-time is new to her, and is something Vikrannu does well.

Reliance on authority isn't institutional; authority and respect have to be earned through action. Vikrannu's legitimacy in her actions, and in her role in the military, threatened plans set in motion by higher-ups (whether those plans have anything to do with Damamat's assistance with Pertaman's assaults remains to be seen).


Vikrannu <--> Neyu

If Damamat culture is action speaks louder than words, this may be why Vikrannu gets frustrated with Neyu not following orders -- after all, Vikrannu did inadvertently save her, and then didn't space her when she found the girl stowing away. It may also explain why she doesn't understand why Neyu relies on her in unfamiliar ways; Neyu views all things like extended families, with all the obligations that brings.

Vikrannu <--> Ship crew

First, I need to name her ship. Then, crew. If authority isn't inscribed powerfully into Damamat culture, and actions peak louder than titles, crews may come and go as the need arises or as they please. This may be why Vivkrannu has no problem offering passage to the technicians if they get her ship in shape to get off-planet during the Pertaman raid.

Chapter 1 summary

  • Ordinarily Vikrannu is pretty even-headed, but Neyu pushes her over the edge. Why? Maybe it's because Neyu is Vaasith; maybe Vikrannu places blame for this segment of the war at the feet of the Vaasith, who early on in the conflict were the main belligerent power. "You brought this on yourselves." And now she's in the position of saving the life of a Vaasith stowaway kid; insult to injury? Maybe a little schadenfreude? Indicates knee-jerk dislike of Vaasith, which says something about her character; she'll do business on a primarily Vaasith world, with Vaasith, but when matters grow more serious that cool civility and profit margins, she deeply resents treating the Vaasith -- who likely kept their thumbs on Damamat politically for years -- as people worth going out of your way to save. --Adminwiki (talk) 02:23, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

Ep 4 & 5 take 2

What if Vikrannu knows half the forces on Gantu are Damamat and hasn't admitted it? Will it shock the Vaasith stowaways? It will in the sense that Damamat has never closely allied with Pertaman; it's a surprisingly "dishonorable" turn for Damamat. --Adminwiki (talk) 21:59, 8 October 2013 (EST)