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Damamat is one of the greater powers on Mannon, the single habitable world in the Rua system. It has been involved in the Great War since fairly early on, originally skirmishing to protect its own interests with most military sent out to quell an incipient rebellion on one of its more far-flung planetary holdings. There's more meddling later on to try to trigger outcomes that favor it politically or economically. Vikrannu is from here, and served in an elite branch of the military before either leaving or being drummed out, possibly for political reasons.


Damamat is an island nation, occupying a large central island and a number of adjacent archipelagoes. Traditionally a thorn in the side of west coast nations seeking to trade with the Tanatha.


Damamat once survived on piracy and mercantilism; its ancient pirate reputation is, today, a bit unearned.




Recently, it appears to be supporting Pertaman in its takeover of the Sokkor system, which is home to Gantu and Radi (the latter being where Neyu is from).


Damamat's society is structured similarly to Vaasith's interreliance, but favors a more center-outward approach. While interreliance is more even distributed, like a fabric weave, Damamat's competency structure focuses on individuals who demonstrate intellect and ability, who then coordinate others who assist them, and who are in turn assisted by these individuals. There is more import placed on personal achievement and prowess, and in fair dealing. Backstabbing is a deep violation of personal trust and is considered a serious flaw, but only insofar as it's visible or discovered. Face carries more weight than actual honor. (See Vikrannu.)