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Rangab is a member of the crew of the Riti, the ship captained by Vikrannu. She is a Tanatha who has taken up contracted labor to escape the crushing poverty of her home country. While her contract is held directly by Sahakil, the Riti's second mate, Sahakil has established that Rangab's duties as assigned by him are to serve the ship in the position of crewmember, and to answer to Vikrannu as captain at all times unless Vikrannu acts directly against Sahakil's, or Rangab's, personal safety.

The relationship is somewhat unique because Sahakil is from Chibal, Tanatha's longtime oppressor. Many current political and economic problems suffered by Tanatha today are directly attributable to Chibal's previous imperial control over the nation. Generally, Tanatha will not contract out to any Chibal because of this longstanding resentment.

Rangab is quite happy with this contractual arrangement, however. Sahakil has put her in a position to learn a real trade, and one with decent upward mobility. He has stipulated in her contract that she keeps any wages earned from ship service (though with the caveat that this stipulation may be changed or removed at any time).

Draft 2 change

Poor Rangab. I've consolidated her with Sahakil, and am now having him be contracted to Vikrannu directly.