Chapter 4

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  • Neyu mistrusts Vikrannu deeply for the first time after finally giving her her trust. What will Vikrannu do with her?
  • Vikrannu tells Damamat captain she's got a few loose ends to tie up before rejoining
  • Confrontation between Neyu and Vikrannu
    • Neyu won't come out of her cabin
    • Vikrannu is shocked Neyu would think Vikrannu would sell her out
    • Neyu demands how she can know Vikrannu's telling the truth
    • Vikrannu tells Neyu that she's not worth a damn thing in the greater political game
  • Neyu tries to apologize, but Vikrannu is badly offended (cultural, family-structure/respect?)
  • Vikrannu sets course for intersystem outpost because she knows a lot of transit goes through there
  • Neyu does things around the ship to make things up to the captain
    • Some of the crew that Neyu's gotten to know over the past several days lend her a hand
    • Perhaps a conversation, illuminate differences in cultures?
    • Maybe crew talk about family, leaving home (something that scares Neyu)

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