Chapter 5

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  • On the station:
    • Vikrannu sends Neyu to order supplies for the ship
    • Vikrannu arranges passage for Neyu to Daksinai, the primary planet in the Rahik system
  • Vikrannu presents Neyu with some clothes, a bag, a book, and a little money
    • Neyu is badly confused -- she feels that sending her away is punitive, but giving her supplies is contradicting that
    • Vikrannu explains that she can't be family to Neyu forever, but she will be family for this day and help her get somewhere to build a new life
    • Neyu doesn't want to leave -- can't stand the thought of being alone
    • Vikrannu relents somewhat and introduces Neyu to the captain of the transport ship, explaining she's picked Daksinai as a destination because of historical Vaasith presence there
    • Neyu begs to be part of Vikrannu's crew
    • Vikrannu, demonstrating some understanding of interreliance, explains that if she were running a farm or ranch, she could easily rely on Neyu; but as captain of a ship entering privateer service, she can't rely on Neyu in the same way
    • Neyu insists she has nothing, and nowhere to go
    • Vikrannu tells her she has plenty, both in mind and in material, and that sometimes you have to make yourself the kind of person who can be relied upon in circumstances you never expected
      • This event leaves a deep impression on Neyu which may be echoed in or influence an interaction between her and Suthan

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