Chapter 8

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  • Transport is allowed to land in Jutkara
  • Neyu again tries to convince soldier to let her come with him
    • Soldier actively threatens her (puts her up against a wall?) and tells her in no uncertain terms to leave him alone
  • Neyu, faced with being alone in a new city larger than anything she's seen before, is overwhelmed
    • Suthan appears in background somehow; he's noticed her, but she hasn't noticed him
    • Neyu asks around for any kind of help -- a Vaasith embassy, a place where refugees can go -- and is laughed off; she's learned enough in her time on her own to keep moving when this happens, watch her back and keep her distance, but she's tired and lonely and miserable and feeling incredibly unsafe
    • She wanders near the spaceport, watching people, trying to learn what to do or where she can go
    • Spends night at spaceport avoiding local police and others thinking she's an easy target
  • Dawn arrives leaving Neyu feeling utterly hopeless

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