Chapter 9

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  • Like most Vaasith, Neyu understands work; she begins to move around the neighborhoods near the port and asks for a job
    • She's met with varying degrees of annoyance, disinterest, and scorn
    • She presses on regardless
  • This is where her perception of self begins to change -- having to rely on competency because society is not supporting interreliance
  • After asking and being refused in yet another shop, a Tanatha man stops her and says he'll give her a job
    • Neyu is suspicious; the man, Suthan, is impatient and leaves when she questions his offer
    • Neyu chases after him, says she'll take the work, whatever it is
    • Suthan runs a small repair shop, not the fancy technological stuff, but more mechanical everyday things
    • Neyu is honest with him and explains she knows little of this work
    • He says he's willing to teach her on the condition she tells him his story, and that she listens to his

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