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Backend notes


  • Chief officer - NONE. Vikrannu fills role as ship is small enough; 2nd mate takes on some chief officer duties (also may have left out first mate in deference to Durtha, who served under her during their military years)
  • Second mate/navigator - Sahakil, Chibal pilot
  • Third mate/boatswain -
    • Able (sea)men - maybe detail one; a Tanatha who's contracted to 2nd mate, and is happy with deal because she's learning a good trade. Conversations about freedom and servitude.

Maybe not all crew needs to be fleshed out, but these three will likely be important. Second mate is competent merchant officer Vikrannu picked up; third mate is enlisted who served with her and left military after she was drummed out to stick with her. Tensions between 2nd and 3rd mate; 3rd mate annoyed that a newcomer gets seniority, but Vikrannu insists that she wouldn't want any stranger in charge of the full running of the ship. The second mate is administrative, and good at organization. If s/he fails, it's a broken bylaw or a missed payday by a day or two. If the boatswain fails, it could very well be fatal.


Only three:

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