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This is the culture main page. Ideas broken down below.

This is an alien culture, a completely different people to Homo sapiens. In fact, the reason these people have stumbled onto a cluster of viable planets around a cluster of stars is because they were terraformed millenia prior, by humans themselves, who are now a vanished people. Not sure how viable it is, but it might be nice for artifacts or ruins from prior human settlement to come up in the background.


Common aspects of Mannon Great Power cultures:

  • Education?
  • Religion?
  • Governance?


  • Competency - a social structure in which people who demonstrate intelligence and ability, and a sense of fair play, are accorded more respect and responsibility
  • Strong pragmatic military society


  • Long-game-thinking, mercantilist


  • Spatial, large interconnected family


  • Interreliance - a social construct in which members are expected to rely on others, and are also expected to be strong enough for others to simultaneously rely on them, in the course of daily living
  • Agrarian, manufacturing, very hands on

Lesser powers


  • Former empire long past glory; overpopulated, shattered family structure, poverty forces many to go into indentured servitude

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