Chapter 3

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  • This is the first time Neyu has been directly confronted with being able to rely on no one but herself. There was a fairly brief time when she lost Pukka and was stowing away, but in that time she was able to feel like she could count on Samsithi, who had to be reasonably finadable; it was easy to project, rationalise away. (peek into Neyu’s history; maybe she was youngest, things were easiest for her, less responsibility, more chance to “enjoy” world)
  • Vikrannu has a crisis of conscience. Self-preservation is not wrong, but it feels wrong; but Neyu is one among many, as evidenced by the waves of people streaming from Ostavy to Aangra. Sick of being responsible for so many people — resentful, because they inevitably turn on her even when she follows the rules (peek into her history)
  • Things come to a head when a line of Pertaman ships breaks from Ostavy and joins a group of Damamat ships heading to set up an orbital blockade of Aangra
    • Short time to pick up cargo/passengers before blockade is in place; Neyu understands the danger, but wants to try to send out word to her brother; Vikrannu explains that normal modes of communication are intermittent, at best — putting up notices on bulletin boards, but little better, and there’s no time for that
    • Neyu asks to leave the ship and stay on surface
    • Vikrannu refuses to endanger her own ship
    • Impasse broken when Vikrannu hailed by Damamat ship; Vikrannu kicks Neyu off bridge
      • Old Damamat military colleague tries to convince Vikrannu to rejoin military; she protests that she was, in other words, drummed out; he says that “all is forgiven” if she just takes up her old rank and serial number (chance to make things right)
      • The offer is too much to refuse; Vikrannu agrees
    • Neyu begins to figure out ways to get word to her brother and sister, and maybe how to get off the ship
      • Begins to play around with comms in separate part of ship; manages to patch into conversation
      • Discovers that Damamat is supporting Pertaman; Vikrannu’s agreed to re-enter service, so that means she’s enemy of Vaasith?

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