Chapter 6

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  • Neyu is again alone
  • Captain of transport ship is perfunctory with her (maybe Pertaman)
  • Meets other travellers
    • Some are leaving to make money (profiteering?)
    • Some are leaving to make life in "independent states" (what does this mean?)
    • Some try to get Neyu as a native Vaasith to help them out when they arrive in Jutkara
      • This kind of opportunism is deeply alarming to Neyu
    • Some try to take advantage of Neyu (theft, other things)
  • Meets AWOL member of Vaasith military
    • AWOL soldier shocks Neyu
    • Soldier scornful of clueless Neyu
    • Neyu asks if he knows about Samsithi
    • Soldier scoffs -- military is a very big place
    • Neyu takes the high road and offers him some of her food
    • Generosity shames him and he begins to behave better
      • Doesn't know of sister directly; gives Neyu information to help her track Samsithi (military branches, divisions, postings, etc)
      • Neyu asks about how war is going
      • Soldier is honest but sketchy about info; the news is not good

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