Chapter 7

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  • Transport put in holding pattern around Daksinai
  • Panic goes through ship
    • Will they be turned away
    • Where will people be able to go
  • Neyu's soldier friend worries they're looking for him
    • Neyu tells him that makes no sense, if Daksinai is Damamat-controlled
    • Soldier explains there are still a lot of loyal operatives
  • Murmurs of mutiny on the ship
    • Neyu asks if the soldier will be a part of it
    • Soldier says there's no point -- no one else on ship able to run it; needs crew and crew won't cooperate with mutineers
    • Neyu expresses surprise at desperation of people on ship; thought problems were not so widespread
    • Soldier explains that Pertaman and Damamat are pressing on a number of fronts; few places are untouched, and people are seeking safer places
    • Daksinai is ideal for soldier because it's Damamat-controlled, but Vaasith influenced; he won't get so homesick
    • Neyu asks if she can travel with him
    • Soldier flat-out refuses
    • Neyu calls him out in Interreliance
    • Soldier scoffs and says it's an ideal, but rarely followed to its fullest extent
  • Tension grows on ship between captain who is trying to broker landing rights and nervous passengers
    • Some passengers try to convince the others that mutiny won't help, it's not the captain keeping them from landing
    • The potential mutineers talk about places they can go where there won't be landing problems
  • Daksinai finally lets ship through

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