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Backend notes

  • Considering the Damamat notion of competency, Vikrannu's crew is much more important and needs to be fleshed out. [done]
  • Crew and Vikrannu may be highly disdainful of Neyu; stowing away may be a negative thing in light of competency. [worth considering for Vik's point of view]

How the hell did I miss this? Gantu is the capital planet of the system Radi is in; the original plot has them heading for Gantu, being the next sensible place to go, and not directly to Tansgit. It's the action around Gantu that forces them to Tansgit. May be useful for Neyu to know her brother is working the ports on Gantu, but discovering Gantu's on blockade lockdown with ground forces moving in forces her to fall back on finding Samsithi. Changes Chapter 1 in the sense that IP comms and getting off planet are equally useful; it means Neyu, from the start, is on a mission, which is a stronger choice for her, I think. --Adminwiki (talk) 01:58, 3 June 2013 (UTC)